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Blog #1: A New Journey

Hi to everyone who will ever see this! This is kind of a weird feeling just throwing something out into the Internet, like tossing a rock in a canyon. Let's see where it ends up. Well, this marks a brand new chapter in my career and life, the grand opening of my private practice, Flannery Psychological Services, LLC! I am eternally grateful to all of the supervisors, professors, co-workers, and bosses that believed in me throughout all of my training and career to this point. I also appreciate those who did not believe in me but eventually let me know what I could do to get better. My heart goes out especially to my wife, Jess, who has been the best partner to be chasing all these dreams with.

This week I want to welcome you all and establish a loose plan of what I’ll be focusing on in this blog in the weeks and months (and years?) to come. To simplify and focus myself, I set up three rules so I don’t suddenly find myself rambling on and on about whatever hits my fancy that day.


First rule: This a professional blog. The topics that I’ll cover will all relate in some way to psychology. This is easy for me; I love being a psychologist. Not just the work with clients, but also being fascinated with the storied history, branches, and philosophies of psychology. I specialize in couple therapy, so I imagine a lot of my topics will touch on relationships.

Second rule: This is for the reader, not for me. While I hope I have a good time researching, developing, and writing out each entry, I want to make each read digestible and, ideally, useful to the reader in their daily lives. If I can make someone laugh that's a plus.

Third rule: Have fun and be willing to engage with you all. Please reach out to me at with any questions, comments, reactions, or thoughts for future posts. You can also let me know if you would like to be added to the listserv to get first crack at new posts.


The goal is to post every week or two. I am very excited about this journey and hope to see you all along the way!

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