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Comprehensive Psychological Assessments

I provide psychological and psychoeducational evaluations for clients over the age of 6, as well as detailed screenings for neuropsychological issues (dementia, head injury, etc.) and Autism Spectrum Disorder. My approach to assessment is comprehensive and I strive to have my evaluations clearly portray a thorough picture of strengths, areas of difficulty, cognitive
functioning, personality, etc., in a unified and encompassing manner.


Assessments are considerable time and resource commitments. A standard assessment, including meetings, testing, and report, is a flat fee
of $3,500*. Please see the information below for more detailed information about the process. Consultations are free of charge to help determine if an assessment is appropriate given your goals.

*Limited discounts for services are offered based on availability, income, and family size. Please inquire about these rates by contacting me.

The assessment process consists of four main parts and takes approximately one month, depending on scheduling.



Approximately two hour meeting with client (and parent/guardian if applicable) to determine scope of testing.



After scoring and interpreting the test results a feedback session is scheduled to discuss results, diagnostic impressions, and recommended next steps.



Client is administered several tasks for 4-6 hours assessing intelligence, personality, visual-motor, attention, etc.



Following feedback, an official report is provided in a format appropriate for sharing with educational or medical partners.

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